astuccio posateria apertoWe have recently carried out a cutlery sample cases project for a well-known Austrian cutlery manufacturing company.
The cutlery sample cases we have designed for them are for displaying their silver cutlery.

The cutlery sample case has the body in cardboard with exterior in fine black leatherette, while the interior is lined with a very soft ivory-cream velvet.
The case has a folder shape, a smart idea so to present a wide range of products. When the case is fully open, it presents 3 (foldable) parts where the cutlery can be very well displayed. Each of these parts can hold up to 21 cutlery pieces, since the case is 

astuccio posateria ripiegato

meant to display a complete tableware cutlery set. Each piece is been hold in place by a rubber band. In the interior, the stitched velvet cover preserves the cutlery.

When half-open (see picture), the case shows best its folder shape, with one of the 3 parts folded upon the other, also it can be seen as it works the front panel.

   astuccio posateria chiuso

When closed, the case presents a handle on top, 2 metal locks and brand name on the exterior.

Sizes: full open is cm 60×100; closed is cm 60×30.
Our company has a good experience in manufacturing cutlery sample cases (see here other proposals). These cases require both a nice and elegant exterior and a sturdy body to preserve the silver cutlery pieces. We are able to fulfil both these requirements, providing at the same time a strong ability to work on a fully custom-made base.

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