articoli per scrittura We have recently manufactured a set of writing tools boxes for Alviero Martini, the world-famous Italian brand in handbags, leather goods, accessories, men and woman collections, with the iconic and inimitable Geo print, trade-mark for Italian craftmanship.

Writing tools boxes are employed to store and to display nice accessories and pens, such as fountain pens i.e., they need to be convenient for easy usage and also be nice and fashionable.

Writing tools boxes have a body in plywood, exterior in printed fabric (of course provided by the company, with Geo print), with company’s logo, 2 locks on side, 1 handle on top.
Interior is velvet-lined, with 3 stackable display trays (velved-lined too) on 3 levels. Each tray has a different internal division, in order to best display different kinds of writing tools.
Trays can be pulled out and used to display the items. External dimensions: W 30cm, D 25cm, H 12cm.

A single tray can also have different internal compartments: squared-shaped and rectangular-shaped, i.e., (also in the same tray), as can be see in the pictures. We have developed other projects for writing tools cases, as can be seen here, where other proposals are also presented.
articoli scrittura

Alviero Martini 01 01 10 12

Not only boxes: we manufacture also suitcases to hold and carry writing tools. Different trays and type of cases mean we can provide highly customizable options and suitable solutions to different needs from customers.

This has been a very nice project for an important client, and it confirms our experience in working with diverse industries and markets in supplying custom-made project solutions.

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