Rosso 10Vintage style hatboxes for Rosso Antico: this is one of the latest projects carried out by our company. Rosso Antico was a very famous “aperitivo” back in the Sixties-Seventies, and it has been relaunched in recent years. Rosso Antico is a bitter-sweet drink that can be consumed straight, on the rocks or mixed to create several cocktails.

“Rosso Antico Spirit of the Sixties” is now its promotion style, and every year several brand promotion events are organized. Last year we worked with the agency All Communication to create a contemporary vintage style for events in several locations such as clubs and lounge bars, manufacturing beautiful vintage style suitcases (have a look at the red suitcases here).“

Also in 2015 brand promotion events are taking place all over Italy, again with a contemporary vintage style; for this purpose we have been requested to manufacture vintage style hatboxes, to be used in locations, also to present promotional gadgets.Rosso 02

A hatbox is a large cylindrical box used to protect a hat when being transported or stored. Hatboxes were mostly used in the past, today they are very often used as a decorative item.
For this project we have manufactured for the customer different set of hatboxes.

Rosso 03 The hatboxes set comes in different colors and combination of contrasting colors for box, details and finishing. The set presents 3 hatboxes of different sizes: one with diameter 24 cm height 34 cm, the second with diameter 31 cm height 37 cm, the third with diameter 35 cm height 40 cm. The body is made of cardboard, exterior in very soft leatherette, interior fabric-lined. Brand logo on the exterior. All the hatboxes have been made by hand: manufacturing the leatherette exterior with a perfect fitting has been a very long and careful process.

Vintage style hatboxes for Rosso Antico: another example of the great manufacturing ability of our craftmanship tradition when carrying out projects, also for very different sectors and industries.


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