Cartier Monza Expo 2Eyewear sample suitcases for Cartier: these are the projects we talk about here.
There is almost no need to introduce Cartier, the world famous luxury brand in jewellery, watches, accessories. We have been working with them for several projects in the accessories lines (sunglasses and eyeglasses) 

and here we we present you a short talk we had with Silvia Orioli, product manager Cartier Parfums-Lunettes,  on these projects we carried out for them. Some of these are eyewear sample cases and trolleys. Very often the products we designed specifically to fulfil Cartier’s requests, become afterwards part of our general catalogue.

This has also been the case for these eywear sample suiticases for their 2015 eyewear collections.
It is a suitcase with body in plywood, exterior in black leatherette crocodile skin effect, with a nice decorative stitching, handle on top. In the interior there are 4 eyewear sample trays holding 12 frames (each tray holds 3 sunglasses). A nice feature is the detachable shoulder strap, very convenient for safe and easy transportation by sales representatives. Sizes: 18cm x 24 cm x 50 cm Height.

How did you get to know our company’s products?
We’ve known about Emilio Scolari for a long time, the company was the supplier of sample suitcases for Cartier-Lunettes’s salesmen. We have always appreciated Emilio Scolari for its quality and on-time delivery.
Why did you choose our company also for this project?
As told before, because it is a long-time and reliable supplier; besides because Emilio Scolari has always been able to provide the best solutions to our needs.
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In your opinion, which is the strength point of Emilio Scolari’s products?
Excellent value for money, very experienced manufacturer.
Do you have any suggestion to improve the suitcases we manufactured for you?
Nothing in particular.
Do you have any suggestion to keep improving our products?
Not with reference to products quality level. In general, in the today digital era it is a key factor to keep mantaining an appealing website, with nice pictures anda good user experience.
Would you recommend our company? If so, for what reasons?
Yes for sure! I have already recommended Emilio Scolari to our marketing department in Paris for a worldwide project.

Eyewear sample suitcases: our long experience, our know-how and craftmanship tradition for top quality sample suitcases for a wide range of different customers, and not only for Cartier.

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